Friday, 10 October 2014

Meet Donna

Today is World Mental Health Day and what better way to celebrate than by sharing some more amazing creativity and talent from another writer.

Meet Donna...

Why do you writer Donna?

I write because it helps me focus on other things other than my own mental health condition. Whiles I do continually struggle with spelling and grammar, I feel passionately about all sorts of writing. I try to write many styles in the hope to get published and make it big time. If, however, I don't make it big, I have met some lovely individuals with incredible stories.

Who are you?

Hi, yes, I know I have done this second. That's because I do things the wrong way round. That's how my brain, my body and my life is. My hobbies include; a love of music, theatre, arts, adult education and socialising when I can. Here's the serious bit; I have medical problems, including mental health conditions. I am more than my status. I am me. Welcome to my bit of the blog...

Hello Mr Squirrel

Hey you over there!
With your bushy tail,
your small tiny legs.

Why are you burrowing for?
Did you miss that nut under those leaves?

Quick! Quick! Mr Squirrel
Here comes the pigeon squad !!
How rude are they?
With their bobbling heads
and fat round bodies.

Are you very busy Mr Squirrel?
Are you looking for your lunch?

Must go now Mr Squirrel
my time is up!

@Donna Barlow September 2014

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