Monday, 13 October 2014

Paul's favourite Place

Today, Paul takes us on a journey away from this cold, wet Monday morning to his favourite place....


One of the places where I am at my most happiest is Tenby beach in Wales.  I feel like I’m smiling as I think about it.

Tenby is known as the jewel in the Pembrokeshire crown.  And the Pembrokeshire coastline is regarded as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

At Tenby the beach has golden sands, and a mile or two out to sea, is Caldy Island, which has a monastery on it.  You can see this Island from Tenby beach.

The monks on Caldy Island are self sufficient.  They make chocolate and perfume and they sell it in the shop on the Island, and Caldy Island has lots of visitors each day as there are regular boat trips to the Island from Tenby beach.  The monks also have a shop in Tenby town.

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